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The Personality ID (PID) online assessment and reporting system is the first step in the Redentity process. The tool is an ENHANCED DISC-based personality assessment, psychometrically developed to provide the most accurate and detailed information for our clients. It can be used to assess individuals, comparisons of two people, and teams (3+). PID is based on the four main factors of personality: Directing, Interacting, Supporting, and Conscientiousness.

We start with PID because knowing a person’s personality is foundational to understanding what dictates the way they think, interact, and (most importantly) re-act to people, situations, and events. Our graphical reports show the degree (for example) toward which a person is dominant vs adaptive. We can also superimpose two or more profiles into the same graph so that real time evaluations can be made about the people involved. The reports also list 20+ work place attributes that help describe the kind of environments in which the person would most likely function best.

The biggest value add for our customers is actually how we, at Redentity, can interpret the data into understandable truths which translate in actionable plans for things like hiring, conflict resolution, team building / alignment and more. This is why each assessment taken must include a feedback consultation with the client.

Many people initially experience some apprehension, doubt, and even cynicism toward anything labeled “personality profiling”. The reasons are many, and are best alleviated, we’ve found, when we walk a client through their report where questions are welcomed and clear explanations are given. Upon the conclusion of each feedback session, our clients are encouraged and feel confident about the tool… and they’re intrigued to know the design of their colleagues!

To learn a bit more about where personality profiling came from, please enjoy this brief video and see an abbreviated sample report below!

PID sample profile page 1
PID sample profile page 2