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The Personality Identity (PID) is an amazingly versatile tool. It is the basis of how we approach everything in Redentity:

By understanding your DESIGN
we can offer you better DIRECTION
and ultimately help you to walk in your true IDENTITY.

The Personality Identity captures a person's unique personality. This information is revealed in a graphical curve and in 22 work place and life attributes. The data allows a person to understand their unique tendencies; a couple ― the pattern in which they'll compliment the best; families ― the diversity and broad spectrum strengths they posses; and teams ― the strategic gaps and overloads in leadership, personal engagement, support, and details.

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Redentity began in 2017 after Jon served several clients (personal and corporate) utilizing the Personality ID and Career Direct tools.

During that time of coaching, significant breakthrough was made for his clients, and it was realized that there seemed to be an identity crisis at hand. Instead of beginning with the consulting process with leadership training, for example, it was determined that starting with a person's design was the best place to begin a re-identifying process in helping people understand who they are, how they function, and where they'll perform best. Seeing the results of starting with a person's design caused Jon to spend time with Lord seeking further guidance. During a time of prayer the word Redentity came to mind which gave confirmation of this realization and also a new word to describe our unique "design based consulting firm". It is the process of relearning one's identity and design.


We start with PID because knowing a person’s personality is foundational to understanding what dictates the way they think, interact, and (most importantly) re-act to people, situations, and events. Our graphical reports show the degree (for example) toward which a person is dominant vs adaptive. We can also superimpose two or more profiles into the same graph so that real time evaluations can be made about the people involved. The reports also list 20+ work place attributes that help describe the kind of environments in which the person would most likely function best. The reports are extremely useful for individuals, couples (ie. husband and wife, business partners), families, and work teams.


The biggest value add for our clients is actually how Redentity Consultants can interpret the data into understandable truths which translate in actionable plans for things like hiring, conflict resolution, team building / alignment and more. This is why each assessment taken must include a feedback consultation with the client.


Many people initially experience some apprehension, doubt, and even cynicism toward anything labeled “personality profiling”. The reasons are many, and are best alleviated, we’ve found, when we walk a client through their report where questions are welcomed and clear explanations are given. Upon the conclusion of each feedback session, our clients are encouraged and feel confident about the tool… and they’re intrigued to know the design of their colleagues, spouses, or family members!

To learn a bit more about where personality profiling came from, please enjoy this brief video:


sample PID report
sample PID report
* A comparison report shows both profiles in the same graph with a third graphical line to show what the two create as a team if they focus on each other's strength and cover each other's non-strengths. This report allows for points of collision and compliments to be easily identified.
** The family or team report shows all members' profile lines within the graph. This allows the family or team to see where overloads or gaps in the team are present, and how different some individuals are from others. It also allows the team in a group setting to see and understand the inherent strengths each person brings to the group.