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Can you imagine finally understanding not only your spouse, but all the people within your family… your children, your brothers and sisters… your mother-in-law?!

The experience will reveal each family member’s personality, their style of communication, strengths /weaknesses, leadership style, motivation and stress factors and so much more.

Are you in a situation where understanding these dynamics would bring breakthrough and restoration into your family?

Without understanding these attributes, it is extremely difficult for any family to flourish.

The process is simple and involves three things:

  1. an online 10 minute assessment for each adult family member
  2. an individual 30 minute session with each family member to reveal the personal results (this can happen in person or via video conference) and
  3. …(this is the really fun part!) an evening family meeting where the true design of your family is finally revealed.

This process will uncover why some are talkers, others loves details and why some create messes.

In the combined family graph, the full picture comes to light, and you can see what each member brings to the family.

It’s tons of fun where surprises and breakthrough in communication occur and laughter and tears are common!

So how do we get this going? Start by Booking a discovery call with us here!