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The third step in the Redentity process is discovering one's great passion.

In his book, The Great Collision, Jon Sommer writes about finding your core passion. The process involves identifying four key areas of personal intensity. Below you can read the book introduction, and further down an excerpt from the book.

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The Great Collision is about understanding four Dimensions of Value (DOV), and combining them to create and discover an overarching passion that drives a person's life.

Each Dimension of Value (DOV) is a stand-alone emotion or thought pattern that drives a perspective and outlook. Often times these DOV compliment each other. Sometimes, however, they seemingly feel contradictory and regularly leave the person confused at the "what to do" or "where to go" intersection of life.

The key is to deeply understand each of these dimensions, and then force them into a closer proximity to each other that can't help but influence and even clarify each other. When combined, a bigger, clearer picture emerges in the form of passion.

Take a random sampling of people and ask them, "What are you really passionate about doing?", or "What is your main purpose to do while on earth?", and you'll get many awkward stares. This question is internally asked in many ways, but few find their answer. But this isn't about someone else. It's about you. It's about finally becoming serious with what has been planted deep within your soul. It's about paying attention to your design and understanding those desires more specifically and intimately. It's about taking YOU seriously.

Finding one's passion is not just important; it's critical . Many want to find their Great Passion. Fear, the risk that may be involved, or the wounds that might be picked up along the journey keep most from searching with their whole heart for their purpose. Some feel the desire to search it out. Something churns in their gut. It draws them. Their minds are filled with day dreaming, and wondering "what if…"

But life is happening, and so they usually push it down, but… give it enough time and "it" always seems to surface and call to us again until we push it down again. So, let's call a spade a spade. You do wander about… You've been caught more than once staring out the window or into outer space deep in thought about your purpose. There is something that wakes you up because it bothers you. You know that you want to gain more, give more, affect more, etc. So… we have to look! We have to seek what God has hidden within us and for us.

One of the first things to realize is that a person's passion, or their calling, is specific and tailor made for them. This truth must descend beyond our heads into our hearts… our souls. When it does, we make the first right design based agreement with our Designer that we matter and have a specific and important purpose that no one else can fill. This truth needs to be so rooted within us because the lies will quickly come trying to twist it or remove it altogether.

"So what if I look and don't find it, or look and find the wrong one? What if my passion doesn't really matter… or even exist?" said a potential client. While vulnerable and honest, their thinking allowed them to remain safe from the danger and risk of venturing into the unknown, but it also kept them in neutral and not venturing up the path they were designed to go.


  • The book, The Great Collision
  • The Great Collision Workbook
  • A trained and experienced Redentity Coach to guide you through the process
  • 5, 1-2 hour (8-10 hrs total) one on one coaching sessions via video conference
  • Recording of the video conference meetings
  • Four personal core life values
  • 1 Personal life mission and passion statement

The key to the success of this process is a client's commitment to read the book, do the homework (thoroughly, contemplatively, and prayerfully), and fully engage in the coaching sessions.


from The Great Collision

We need to discuss the barriers that must be crossed or overcome in order to discover your Great Passion: discipline, objectivity (honest evaluation), and spiritual insight. These barriers often cannot be overcome with the aid of a coach or consultant. When an individual try working through this process by him/herself, the obstacles often become seemingly insurmountable.

So let's look at each one more in depth.

1) Discipline. It's easy to start what I'm about to layout, but most do not have the discipline or internal fortitude keep going. The blame is often laid on time constraints due to other commitments and doubt. Let's quickly discuss time constraints. Any champion athlete or driven doctor, for example, has an unquenchable drive to win. They sacrifice personal comfort, leisure time, and more to obtain their goal. Your discipline, or lack thereof, is NOT ABOUT TIME CONSTRAINTS, but, about what you value… what is important to you.

I understand commitments as well. I follow the Lord, am a husband, father of four, business owner, employee, coach, mentor and many other things. Our duties and responsibilities take up valuable time each day because, by in large, they are what we want to do. We want to be busy; we want our kids to be in sports; we want the house or vacation; we want more meetings or to tinker in the shop. We give our valuable and limited time to them because we want them so we make time for them. The key here is how much do you actually want to find your Great Passion?

Now, let's look at doubt. Many clients doubt that the process will actually work. They doubt that it will work to trust God to reveal what they are looking for. The mindset is often more of a "Sure… why not?" as in 'probably ain't gonna work, but let's try it anyway'. I've found three most damaging mindsets accompany this line of thought:

A) "I want it now"--immediate gratification. The main idea is that 'if I can't find what I'm looking for quickly, I'm out'; Today's marketing moves people toward the immediate gratification mindset relentlessly. We can "buy it now"; if the video is too long, we click out; if the wait is more than two minutes we get antsy; if it's more than 3, we bolt.

B) "I want it easy" -Lazy. 'I'll look, but I don't want to get dirt or sweaty. I'd like a fun little scavenger hunt that results in huge treasure buried in a shallow hole'. When was the last time you have really searched for something? I mean really looked hard? What was it? What did you do? This is the mindset you need to make it through this process. The treasure you seek here is NOT just beneath the surface. To find it, you must be willing to roll up your sleeves and dig in. It won't be easy. You'll feel you're at a dead end many times, or at another set of undecipherable crossroads.

C) "I want it my way" --Control. 'Here's the rules, God. I say 'Marco.' You say, 'Polo.' We do this in many blunt and subtle ways. And… it is ludicrous. The best and most humble approach to overcome this mindset is to take a lesson from a young man named Samuel in the Bible: 10 And the Lord came and called as before, "Samuel! Samuel!" And Samuel replied, "Yes, I'm listening." 1 Samuel 3

Release doubt and unhealthy control by saying, "Yes, Lord, I'm listening. " The point is… commit. Get accountability. Ask the Lord for discipline. A "start; stop; start; stop" approach will waste time, energy, faith, and ultimately, your resolve to finish.

2) Objectivity. On their own, people, are usually not able to be truly objective and see past or through their own biases, doubts, and fears. A coach who is more detached (not necessarily unaware / unfamiliar) from your personal story is usually able to help you see the 'forest from the trees' or the little spec that you are making out to be a huge plank. Often a person loses objectivity due to past experiences… usually in the form of pain, loss, or failure.

Your obstacles might be serious and may need significant coaching / counseling to get through. Regardless, you are too important and your calling is too critical for it to be sidelined again because of your inability to get passed your own personal objections.

3) Spiritual Insight. This barrier, in my opinion, is the most significant to break through. I have found that our ever-elusive "Great Passion" is often hidden for a reason. I believe we are designed by a Creator, and in that design lies planted the seed of passion that our Designer absolutely wants to see germinate, grow, and flourish. And our enemy absolutely wants to destroy it. It says in John 10:10, "The thief seeks to steal, kill and destroy. But I have come that you might life to fullest."

The enemy of God wouldn't have any interest in destroying people if there wasn't something of value in us to God. The question is what is in us that God so values that the evil one can't stand and is hell bent on seeing it / us destroyed? The answer: the image of God which are aspects of his being and also his plan / design for each person. In other words, by design, you remind the enemy of your creator. And he hates it. And he hates you. And this is why a consultant who knows and loves the Lord can fight for your heart on behalf of the King of kings. She can pray for you deeply. He can receive words of insight and revelation from the Lord about you. She can be steady and unshaken when you feel unsure and weak. Ultimately your search is for what God has to reveal to you and give you.

Having a consultant who is spiritually blocked, in my opinion, would be like having guide at night whose flashlight batteries are dead.

When we honor the design of a person, we honor the image of God; when we honor the image of God, he never fails to show up." Honoring the image of God in a person creates a welcoming environment for the Lord, which is key to receiving tremendous spiritual insight and truth. And I believe that God has fun dropping little revelation bombs into meetings where he is welcomed and honored!