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The Career Direct (CD) online assessment and reporting system is the second step in the Redentity process.
The tool is a comprehensive career assessment and consultation system. Career Direct has undergone nearly 30 years of development, rigorous testing and validation. We, at Redentity have used the tool for 10+ years with great success which is why we trust it with our clients.

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Career Direct examines four essential components of a person’s design: personality, interests (which is sub-divided into activity, occupational and subject groups), skills, and three subsets of values ― work environment values, work outcome values, and life planning values. As a result, Career Direct is one of the most comprehensive guidance systems on the market today.

We have found that the tool is critical for two groups of people: 1) for employers and managers ― when hiring management personnel and higher levels of responsibility and leadership. There is tremendous risk when hiring a leadership position because of the influence it has on employees, customers, and vendors. And 2) for people looking for career guidance, whether they be a student looking for the right major or trade to study, or a seasoned person i the workforce looking for a vocation that better fits their design.

A mis-hire can cost as much as 213% of the annual salary of an employee!*

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Nearly ⅓ of students change their major within 3 years. Nearly ⅔ (61%) would change their major if they could go back and do it again!**

* statistic from : There Are Significant Business Costs to Replacing Employees by Heather Boushey and Sarah Jane Glynn Posted on November 16, 2012
** statistic from : New Survey Finds Most College Grads Would Change Majors by Reece Johnson; published on February 27, 2020


At Redentity, we believe the costs are much more than money. It is lost energy; It is lost momentum; it is roots of doubt; it is broken trust. The interpretation of the Career Direct Detailed Report is rarely possibly by the client herself. This is where we, at Redentity, are ready and eager to serve. We are trained and experienced to work through the 30+ page report with our clients to:

1) help them better understand their full design, and

2) understand how their design points to their proper career selection.

Over time, people do change. Personalities stay fairly static. But interests and values in people shift. If every business owner or leader could know the key interests and values of their most valuable assets ― their people, critical plans and decisions can be made to retain great employees and honorably release or steer away from employees who do not fit.

In addition, if students understood their design, proper educational and training decisions could be made to maximize time studying and money spent.


  • The online assessment can be completed in about an hour
  • Close to 300,000 people have benefited from Career Direct throughout the globe
  • Career Direct is available in 18 different languages
  • Redentity Consultants have been expertly trained to assist people through a full 3-day or online Career Direct training program
  • Career Direct has been psychometrically developed and is statistically verifiable and reliable; a seventy page research and development manual is available to the public for review
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Proper report interpretation is critical! At Redentity we are trained, skilled and experienced in translating the report data into understandable and actionable truths!

This is why each assessment taken must include a feedback consultation with the client. Our clients can then make better decisions about hiring, conflict resolution, team building/alignment, etc.


To learn more about the Career Direct report, please see the abbreviated sample report below!

sample Career Direct report
sample Career Direct report
sample Career Direct report
sample Career Direct report
sample Career Direct report
sample Career Direct report