Jon Sommer

  • Personal Development
  • Career Development
  • Leadership; Team Alignment
  • Problem Solving
  • Core Values, Vision, Mission

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Jon has earned trust in many for profit and non-profit industries through his 20+ years of management in organizational development, sales and personal and team development.

His competencies include personality assessment, hiring / firing, employee development, training and communication, organizational development, team alignment, sales, sales management, mediation, project management.

Jon has held positions of leadership and responsibility with Crown Financial Ministries (Biblical stewardship in finance, career, and life), Mainspring Resourcing (residential, commercial and industrial staffing), and Alltracon (Industrial Manufacturing and Services). He has also helped launched TradeOff, LLC (a start up in the stock trading/gaming industry).

Jon is passionate about helping leaders understand and build their teams. His personal coaching style yields trust, camaraderie, and breakthrough in employees, colleagues, and clients. Jon is constantly assessing and evaluating wins and losses within teams. He fills the role as a business minded shepherd.

Jon is known for his integrity and honesty as well as his ability to communicate hard truths in a kind manner and make key decisions.


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