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Redentity began in 2017 after Jon served several clients (personal and corporate) utilizing the Personality ID and Career Direct tools.
During that time of coaching, significant breakthrough was made for his clients, and it was realized that there seemed to be an identity crisis at hand. Instead of beginning with the consulting process with leadership training, for example, it was determined that starting with a person's design was the best place to begin a re-identifying process in helping people understand who they are, how they function, and where they'll perform best. Seeing the results of starting with a person's design caused Jon to spend time with Lord seeking further guidance. During a time of prayer the word Redentity came to mind which gave confirmation of this realization and also a new word to describe our unique "design based consulting firm". It is the process of relearning one's identity and design.

Eighteen months later, Brian joined Jon to help develop Redentity's business plan. Brian also brought fortune 500 business executive level leadership and experience to the firm which added Redentity ER (quick organizational assessments to deliver critical input into dysfunction within Human Resources, Finances, Sales, Marketing and more).

Jon Sommer and Brian Pavlak

Since that time, Redentity's core offerings have been solidified, and long term vision and core values established.

At Redentity we bring a biblical philosophy to our coaching and consulting practices. This approach is successfully used with individuals, couples, families, and in secular for-profit business, nonprofit organizations, as well as religious communities. We do not promote religion per se, but are proud of what the Lord has revealed to us through the Bible and have seen invaluable personal and business concepts gained from it.

We also have set the goal to give $100,000 dollars to non-profit organizations that align with our values in helping and developing people! This goal is of critical importance to our organization as a sign of gratitude and obedience to the Lord for what He has given us. Please track our progress on our home page!

We would find it an honor to serve you and potentially help you along your journey. To learn more about Jon and Brian, please click below.