WHY a “DESIGN” based consulting firm?

What does “Redentity” mean?

Re • den • ti • ty

1. The process of re-learning one's identity and design.
2. The systematic approach to personal development and team building.

3. A new identity based upon revealed truth about a person's design through reliable assessments and consultation.

What does Redentity do?

At Redentity we aim to shed tremendous light into the design of people and teams
where authentic trust can be established and an organization's most valuable asset,
being its people, can be fully understood, aligned, and activated to achieve
their fullest potential.


PID icon

For individual and team alignment evaluation, we employ the Individual and Team D.I.S.C assessment, Personality ID (PID). This tool produces Individual, Comparison, and Team Reports. (Read More)

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For management and executive positions, we offer The Career Direct assessment with in-depth reporting and consultation. This tool evaluates four dimensions of a person's design. (Read More)

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We guide clients through a systematic plan for the discovery and creation of a person's core values, mission, and Great Passion or life vision. (Read More)

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We professionally prepare and deliver seminars and workshops on personal development, leadership, and team building. (Read More)


According to a recent Harris Interactive survey on American job satisfaction:

45 percent icon

Only 45 percent of workers say they are either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their jobs

20 percent icon

Only 20 percent of workers feel very passionate about their jobs

33 percent icon

33 percent of workers believe they have reached a dead end in their career

21 percent icon

21 percent of workers are eager to change their careers

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The Redentity Giving Pledge

We believe in giving back! Redentity has partnered with several organizations that have philanthropic and biblical mandates. In 2019, we committed to giving $1,000,000 US dollars as a tithe toward these initiatives over the next 10 years!

You can track our giving and look into the organizations in which we've partnered.

To our most important clients: "Thank you! Without your business, we couldn't achieve this goal!"

These are some of the great organizations that we support through our giving:

Reclaim Ministries logo Family Life Institute logo SEEDnet logo